Top 5 (realistic) best Bus Simulator games for Android

Bus simulator games are cool stuff to play on our mobiles or even on our PCs. Picking up passengers from a bus depot to dropping passengers to their destination is the primary duty of a bus driver.

As drivers, we must prioritize passenger and bus safety by driving carefully on the roads.

I searched all the realistic bus simulator games available in the Google Play store and I identified a few of the games and played them for more than two years.

Here are my top 5 all-time best bus simulator games in Android.

  1. Bus Simulator: Ultimate
  2. Bus Simulator Indonesia
  3. Coach Bus Simulator
  4. World Bus Driving Simulator
  5. Public Transport Simulator – C

Bus Simulator: Ultimate

The most popular gaming bus simulator to play from the Play Store before the Bus Simulator Indonesia upgrade.

In Bus Simulator: Ultimate, you can choose the country you like to drive the bus and improve your driving skills as a driver.

This game is awesome to play and I will explain the theme of the game shortly. You need to wait for some time to get the route ready for you to drive the bus.

You need gold coins to unlock the new countries or remove the wait time to drive the bus.


You need to choose a country and start selecting to and from locations initially. The beauty is you can decide your own price for the journey. You can also select any food offerings during the journey.

After you select all that, you need to wait for passengers to board the bus(This is not shown in the game). If the ticket price is low, more passengers will board your bus and vice versa.

After your departure, passengers give feedback about your driving and the facilities you offer on the bus. You need to safely drop the passengers to their destination and get rewarded.

Pros of the Bus Simulator: Ultimate Simulator

  1. World map included to drive the bus across the world.
  2. Create your own company and hire drivers.
  3. All vehicle control modes are available.
  4. Play multiplayer mode
  5. As you progress to higher levels, more bus stops become available to increase your revenue.
  6. Realistic graphics, city maps, and bus stations.
  7. 30+ buses are available to drive.
  8. Highway toll roads
  9. The timer is enabled for each route depending on the destination.
  10. You have the option to tidy up your bus if it becomes dirty.

Cons of the Bus Simulator: Ultimate Simulator

  1. The longer the travel distance, the increased waiting time, requiring the expenditure of gold coins to expedite it.
  2. You cannot unlock new countries with a few gold coins.
  3. Ads appear while playing the game, and there are a few glitches during gameplay.
  4. The internet should be activated while your hired drivers are operating your buses.

Zuuks Games developed this game and became the most popular bus simulator game available in the Play Store. More than 100+ million downloads and a rating of 4.2 based on 2.32M reviews.

Unfortunately, you cannot play this game as it is not available in the Play Store.

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Bus Simulator Indonesia

Back in March 2017, Maleo introduced the Indonesia Bus Simulator in the Play Store. After several improvements, it is now the famous bus simulator game with a mod system introduced recently.

The experience with this bus simulator game is quite different compared to other bus simulator games.

Recently, I downloaded the latest version of the game and played it for a couple of days.

Pros of the Bus Simulator Indonesia

  1. Many cities are available to download the Maps and drive the buses.
  2. Realistic graphics are available in the game.
  3. Bus depot and gas stations are available.
  4. Mods are available in the game so that you can download and add them to play different simulator games.
  5. Passengers entering and exiting the bus depot.
  6. Customize your bus or shop for necessary parts for the bus.
  7. Bus damage percentage indicator.

Cons of the Bus Simulator Indonesia

  1. Few new buses are available for purchase.
  2. Bus driving is not realistic. Bus damage is always the same which is on the front side.
  3. There is no speed limit on radar for fines. Drivers can drive the bus even when the signal is red.
  4. Toll gates are not lifted even after paying the price.
  5. Too many ads when playing in and out of the game.
  6. This game needs the internet always on to play.

100+ million people downloaded this game on the Play Store with a rating of 4.1 out of 3.04 million users. As a beginner, you can play the game easily.

Coach Bus Simulator

This is one of the realistic coach bus simulator games on the Play Store. I used to play this game many times but there is no update available on this game.

The engine sound, camera experience, passenger rating, and travel experience of European cities are the highlights of this bus simulator game.

Ovidiu Pop designed this bus simulator game with more than 50+ million downloads on Playstore and a rating of 3.9 out of 705K reviews.

Pros of the Coach Bus Simulator

  1. Drop passengers from one city to another.
  2. Drive across 10+ European cities.
  3. Passengers entering and exiting the bus.
  4. Take passengers from another bus in the middle of the journey.
  5. Create and manage your own company and hire drivers.
  6. Vehicle customizations are available. Tilt, steering, and buttons along with manual and automatic driving modes are available in the game.
  7. Multiplayer mode is available.
  8. Gas stations are available and vehicle damage is available.
  9. Ten-plus coaches are available to drive across European cities.
  10. Day and Night modes are available.

Cons of the Coach Bus Simulator

  1. During the night mode, we can’t see more distance and we need to drive very carefully with speed limits never crossing 80kmph.
  2. The cost of SOS for rescue missions is $2500 and it is more expensive.
  3. No city driving modes are present in this game.
  4. A few bugs are there still as it is not an updated game. The last update was on Dec 2022.

You can reach a maximum of 140kmph in this game by driving the expensive buses on a long ride and completing the game in 30 to 45 minutes. You can go to cruise mode during your drive as it eliminates your hand on the accelerator.

World Bus Driving Simulator

Dynamic games Ltda created this bus simulator game based on Brazil’s map. The most famous buses in Brazil are used in this game.

I love Marcopolo multi-axle buses as it reminds me of the country, Brazil. Traveling across the mountains and plain roads surrounded by trees is the theme of this game.

Pros of the World Bus Driving Simulator

  1. You can drive to more than ten cities in Brazil with more than 10+ buses.
  2. Customize your bus.
  3. All types of Vehicle controls are available.
  4. Automatic and manual gearbox driving modes are available.
  5. Gas stations, toll booths, and tax offices are in the game.
  6. Realistic graphics in the game, and users can customize graphics to run the game on lower-end phones.
  7. You can have a passenger review during your ride.

Cons of the World Bus Driving Simulator

  1. The night mode light has reduced intensity, making it challenging to drive the bus at higher speeds.
  2. The controls on the screen are not easily reachable, but when we touch the steering wheel, it becomes fully visible.
  3. Longer driving times (more than 30 minutes).

Available on the Google Play store with more than 10+ million downloads having a rating of 4.2 out of 213K reviews.

Public Transport Simulator – C

Back in 2015, during my college days, I used to play Public Transport Simulator on my mobile phone. This was the only popular game available at that time in the Play store.

Public Transport Simulator – C is another modern game developed on top of the Public Transport Simulator. The only difference is the depot is present in the “- C” game whereas in the other game, bus stops are available.

This is a low-graphic bus simulator game for low-end mobile phone users who love bus driving.

Pros of Public Transport Simulator – C

  1. 10+ Buses to drive.
  2. Different weather conditions are available.
  3. City and Countryside roads are available.
  4. Bus Depot and Gas stations are available.
  5. Customize your own vehicle.
  6. Earn money based on selected routes like in Coach Bus Simulator.

Cons of Public Transport Simulator – C

  1. Low quality Graphics.
  2. There is no use of side mirrors on the bus.

SkisoSoft developed this game and more than 5 crore users downloaded this game from Google PlayStore with a rating of 4.5 out of 400K reviews.


I hope you find this information helpful. The listed games are known for their realism and are suitable for mobile gaming. Feel free to share your preferences and thoughts on bus simulator games in the comments. If you discover any other realistic mobile bus simulator games, kindly recommend them in the comments section.

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