Top 3 websites to learn Databricks

Are you interested in learning databricks and searching for the best websites to learn on the web?, then this blog post is for you.

In today’s world, artificial intelligence has become the go-to technology for all needs, and data becomes vital. Databricks is an all-in-one platform for all building ingestions to machine learning models.

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Let us move to the topic of The top 3 websites to learn Databricks.


Databricks Learn website
Source: Databricks

Databricks is one of the most popular courses to learn right now as the near job market needs Big data skills to analyze data trends.

Why learn Databricks?

If you are learning Databricks right now, the chances of getting a job are high as it is a demanding skill right now and in the future.

You will learn the prerequisites such as SQL, Python, Pyspark, Scala, R, etc languages to implement your data-related activities on Databricks platforms.

Courses to learn in Databricks

The following courses you will learn in Databricks,

  1. SQL analytics – If you are familiar with BI tools and SQL queries
  2. Datascience and engineering – If you familiar with Python/R/Scala programming languages.
  3. Machine Learning – If you are expert in Mathematics, Statistics, Python/R/Scala languages.
  4. Databricks Administration – This is for Administrators who are familiar with SQL Admin or clusters etc in Databricks.

Did you know that the field of data science offers a variety of exciting roles to pursue? From being a Data Analyst who crunches numbers to a Data Engineer who designs data infrastructure, and a Data Scientist who both analyzes and visualizes data, there’s something for everyone!

The website provides documentation that makes it easy to learn all the courses mentioned above.

If you want to learn Databricks by watching demo video content, I suggest you learn from here.

You can sign up for an account and watch role-based videos on Databricks Academy. It is the preferred path among IT professionals.

You can access the documentation and forums on the Databricks Learn page. Various cloud platforms, including Azure, AWS, and GCP, have implemented Databricks.

Time to invest or learn Databricks

If you are a beginner and start learning Databricks and invest 4 hours of time, the result is below,

  1. SQL analytics – 1 month including learning basic SQL.
  2. Datascience and engineering – 3 months including PySpark/Python Basics and doing data Ingesting, curating, storing ect activities.
  3. Machine Learning – 6 months including learning Mathematics, Python modules, Pyspark, AI,ML models, regression, tuning etc.
  4. Databricks Administration – 1 month of time we need to spend to learn to become Databricks Admin.

Cost to learn Databricks

  1. If you enjoy reading tutorials or documentation, rest assured that it is completely free of charge.
  2. If you enjoy watching content, you can access free courses based on the role you select..
  3. If you like Instructor led training, there is a fee to be paid.

Certifications on Databricks

Databricks provides several certifications that cater to different roles.

  1. Databricks Certified Data Analyst Associate – $200
  2. Databricks Certified Data Engineer Associate – $200
  3. Databricks Certified Data Engineer Professional – $200
  4. Databricks Certified Machine Learning Associate – $200


All courses are paid, at a rate of $5 per course.

Source: Udemy

Udemy is one of the most course content LMS platforms worldwide to learn any skills. But once we start learning, after a few days we stop learning and search for other best courses again on the internet. 

  1. Azure Databricks & Spark For Data Engineers (PySpark / SQL) – Azure Databricks
  2. Databricks Fundamentals & Apache Spark Core – Databricks
  3. Azure Databricks and Spark SQL (Python) – Azure Databricks

All the above courses cover basic concepts, data ingestions, aggregations, and other essentials to become a Data Analyst, Data Engineer, and valuable knowledge for administrators.

You will learn a basic understanding of Azure Data Factory, NoteBook creation, clusters, job compute, unity catalog, and ingesting data from data sources such as Azure storage, Excel, CSV, Avro, Parquet files, etc.

Most professionals prefer Azure Databricks compared to Databrick’s software to learn as we are in the cloud era today.


If you’re interested in taking courses on Coursera, you can enroll for free. However, if you want a certification, you’ll have to pay a fee at the end.

Coursera is another popular LMS platform to learn courses and the certifications are valuable compared to Udemy and are recognized globally.

Databricks courses on Coursera

Data Science with Databricks for Data Analysts Specialization

This course is best for Data analysts who are looking to hone their SQL Analytics skills and data science fundamentals using Analytics.

Microsoft Azure Databricks for Data Engineering

You will learn basic details about DeltaLake, Spark execution, DataFrames, and working with multiple sources of data. This course is best suited for beginners.


Thank you for reading our blog post. If you have any favorite Databricks courses, please share them in the comments. We hope you found valuable information on the best websites to learn Databricks.

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